Thursday, February 21, 2013

Garage Overhaul!

This garage is a 4 car tandem garage, which is most people's dream set up.  But for this family there was almost too much space (dare I say it)!  Just like with a playroom, sometimes it's best to divide it up in areas.  Such as, kids/bike area, cleaning supplies, tools, etc.  By dividing the back part in half we were able to keep the kids stuff contained to one side.  The only real cost for this project was adding more tracks for the wall from Lowes.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Playroom Display

My boys love collecting things.  They take after their Momma! I took a basic Ikea Expedit shelving unit and styled it with a little Organized Style!  I use the Expedit shelving in lots of my clients homes.  I find that it's sturdy and versatile.  

I have had many people ask where this unit is from.  It's from Ikea.  I found it in the store, it wasn't listed online.  I also used fabric on the back of each square from Joann's Fabric.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beachy Display

I love everything about the BEACH!  I love the natural colors and textures that are associated with it.  I believe your home should reflect you and your travels. You should also have things in it that make you happy.  For me that is the Beach.  Here are some ways you can integrate your travels with your decor.

The sea sponges and the buoy are real and actually came from a beach in Florida.  All the items in the jar came from the Cayman Islands.  We went during Pirate week so it was only fitting to add a Pirate coin!  I actually dove for the sea fan, sea glass and shells.  That jar means a lot to me and just looking at it takes me back to that vacation.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Laundry Room/Mom Desk

This Landry room project was a long time coming!  The client and I discussed different things we could do with the space and then we set the project aside for awhile.  All of a sudden I got a call as she decided to start working on it and that she was in over her head.  I came right over and we got to work!

Another shelf was added to house all the laundry products.  This client doesn't hang her clothes up in here so she really didn't need the hanging bar.


Now this Mom has her "school memories boxes"(that I made her) right where she needs them.  They hold all the school related papers that she wants to keep. 

Now all the craft stuff (brought from a huge kitchen cabinet) can all be together.  The kids can come get what they need at any time and know where to put it back!  And most importantly, Mom has a tucked away desk space!