Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Small Business Office

This Small business office was very cute to begin with, but just needed a little Organized Style to make it complete.  I compiled all the office supplies and labeled them for easy access.

This client has great style, but she needed her binders. papers and envelopes to look organized.

We added small baskets to hide more office supplies.

I added this cool supply drawer cabinet from Container Store to help corral those small desk supplies.

We added a file system to the wall and labelled all the folders so she could file on a daily basis very quickly.

Game Room/Game closet

This Family of 6 has such a beautiful home!   What is was lacking is some defining areas for kids separate from adults.  They have a study area which was where everyone wanted to hang out because the art supplies and computers where in there.  Well when I saw the study I jumped at the chance for helping this Mom regain her own area again.  The upstairs gameroom has a big, long closet off of it with a stackable washer/dryer (for the kids) and still has plenty of room for shelves.  So we decided to move the computer desk for the kids and all the art and games upstairs to shelves for easy access.  That way everything they need (minus food ;)) was all within reach.  Now everyone wants to hang out!  One can be doing art, one can be on the computer, one can be do a puzzle and someone else can be lounging on the new sectional (rest of the gameroom photos coming soon)!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Twin Girls Playroom!!

These girls have a very cool space off their bedroom that was finished out for a small play area.  As you can see from the "before's" that it was hard to play in when everything was just thrown in it!  Organized Style to the rescue!  Using what storage pieces we had I took everything out, and I mean everything!  Every stinkin' tiny girl toy piece came out and was sorted.  I was knee deep in girl toys and I have to admit even I was a bit overwhelmed!  But with fun music and a few basic piles of sorting I got it finished!  Now, these girls love to play in their neat space.  Mom says they LOVE IT and actually clean up after they play!  Mission Accomplished!

These girls love stuffed animals so mom and dad hung shelves in their playroom to keep them off the floor.

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