Personal Styling

The name Organized Style came after a lot of thought.  Anyone can be taught how to organize, but not everyone can do it with style.  The 2 types of style that I am going to showcase are home and personal. My greatest joy is to help an individual or whole family develop that style.  I want you to look you personal best!  I do a variety of things from just taking your wardrobe and putting outfits together to taking you shopping for those staple items you are missing.  I work with all ages.  Contact me for details and references:

Need help putting fall outfits together? 
Here is a glimpse,  "Pinterest Style"
 more coming soon.....

Some of my make-up Clients.
BEFORE                                                                       AFTER


 I was asked to do hair and make-up for a 12 year old for her Valentines Dance.  What a pleasure it was since I have no girls!  I got to use my skills on someone else's daughter!  It's hard to tell from the 
photos, but her make-up was soft and just the right amount of fabulous!

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