Saturday, November 23, 2013

Garage Craft Area

Are you short on space inside your home?  Could you spare some room in your garage?  Well its easy to carve out a craft area just about anywhere.  I took all the craft items from all over the house and made a little spot in our garage to do some creating!  This is just phase one for now.  I thought we would live with the space a little while before we decide to crank it up to the next level! ;)

I already had this shelving unit from our last house stored up in the attic.  It's from container store and has shelf liners to go on each shelf.  It also has handy hooks.  I had left over PVC from a project and decided to use that for my ribbon.  I also had this MDF board from a closet office (I made) in my old house.  I used it over 2 saw horses we had in the garage.   Not to shabby for a 2 hour project!

DVD storage

Don't let DVD's take up valuable real estate in your house!  
Condense them down to cases like these. 
Now when you are going on a road trip you will be one step closer to being packed.