Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 This Kitchen was a TOTAL re-organization project!  The flow was not working out for this family.  This house was not built with a walk-in pantry.  It did have 2 big cabinets that would work though.  This family loves to bake so they needed extra room for baking supplies.  The client also asked me to label in English and Spanish for when the kids were helping out and the cleaning ladies where putting stuff away.

This was the original food pantry and now it is the bowls/pitchers cabinet.

This was the pantry space before and as you can see held most of the bowls.

Now all the food is on one place and since I added tiered can storage and shelves everything is visible. 

Cereal is now in containers for the kids to get themselves, snack foods are within the kids reach, and pastas/rices/etc. are all grouped together.

Baking cabinet "before"

baking cabinet "after"

An example of one of the drawers.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Style Shoot Collaboration

Oh how I love to work with other inspiring business women!  This photo shoot came out of a personal shopping trip with a client of mine.  She looked too cute not to photograph.  So I came up with a brilliant idea, why not get one of my best girl friends (who is a beautiful photographer) and another wildly creative friend of mine (who designs belts for boutiques) and put together a fabulous photoshoot!  

And Voila' here you have an example of a fun, spunky way to dress up an outfit! 

 So many of my clients struggle with how to put together what I call "everyday outfits" that aren't frumpy.  I totally understand those days when you don't get out of your gyms clothes, but that should only be on occasion.  I believe that if you care a little bit more about your outfit, put some make-up on, and fix your hair, you will feel so much better about yourself.  Even if it is just to run errands for the day.  And part of what I like to show my clients is how to accomplish this without having to spend a ton of money.  Part of my services is organizing your closet, but the other part is going through your clothes and helping you find a style that is right for you.  Then we can go on a shopping trip to local stores and fill in what your wardrobe might be missing.

Here is how that client might dress on a random weekday before:

Now, she dresses like this!

Here we have the same outfit worn 2 different ways with a change in belts (from Too Much Sugars) and accessories.

Photos by Michelle Ellisor Photography

Belts can be found through Etsy

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tulsa spring break- Pantry

 This pantry wasn't too bad when I got there it just needed some tweaking.  I took EVERYTHING out and wiped it all down.  Then grouped "like" items together and got rid of as many boxes as I could and put into containers for easy access for the kids. Also, moving all the snacks and cereals to the kids level helps them be self sufficient.  Then I got everything off the floor since they had plenty of room.  The client is so happy with her newly organized pantry!

Tulsa spring break trip- Home Office

 This home office was really fun to do!  I had been to Tulsa over Christmas and took some photos of the space so I could brainstorm.  I knew I was coming back to work over Spring break so we had time to get the supplies we needed.  This armoire was found upstairs in the playroom empty.....so I had an idea!  We decided to move it downstairs to the study to make an office out if it.  I don't have a photo of the original office "before".... just picture a child size desk with hutch and that was about it.  So the "before" photos here are actually "during".  Now, the client has an adult desk with an office armoire behind it to work out of and close when she isn't using it.  We also added fabric to the back to cover up the TV hole.  And them covered a long cork board for all her invites and photos.  I am so happy with the way this office turned out!

This bookcase was in the living room with tons of random things on it.  I decided to move it to the office and actually put books on it!

Tulsa Boy and Girl Playrooms

This family has such a cool set-up for their kids.  Each of the 2 kids has their own individual playroom off the main playroom.  As you can see they were in major disarray.  We spent several hours purging for a garage sale and the trash.  We did take away the train table in this case.  Even though this child loves Thomas the Train, he likes to play it on the floor so the table was just taking up space.  What I like about this reorganization was that their Grandma was in town visiting.  She was involved in our process and through that she could see that her Grandkids DID NOT need any more toys!  What we did decide was that any money that the kids made from the garage sale they were able to use towards a specific toy.  For example the girl is really into Monster High so she was going to buy a few more things that went with that set.  The boy likes spider man and dress up so he was going to maybe get more things to go with those. 

Be careful when you are buying large play sets for kids.  Think about these things before you buy:

1.) Can the child put it back together him/herself?
2.) Does the child have room to have it out?
3.) Ask the parent what the child is really into before you buy a present.
4.) Consider getting an outside or pool toy instead.


These where the clients attempts at storage before.  We got rid of all of them (stored them in the garage for something else) and opted for our new streamlined storage from Ikea and Target.  The boxes were the things to go to the garage sale or donate.