Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tulsa Boy and Girl Playrooms

This family has such a cool set-up for their kids.  Each of the 2 kids has their own individual playroom off the main playroom.  As you can see they were in major disarray.  We spent several hours purging for a garage sale and the trash.  We did take away the train table in this case.  Even though this child loves Thomas the Train, he likes to play it on the floor so the table was just taking up space.  What I like about this reorganization was that their Grandma was in town visiting.  She was involved in our process and through that she could see that her Grandkids DID NOT need any more toys!  What we did decide was that any money that the kids made from the garage sale they were able to use towards a specific toy.  For example the girl is really into Monster High so she was going to buy a few more things that went with that set.  The boy likes spider man and dress up so he was going to maybe get more things to go with those. 

Be careful when you are buying large play sets for kids.  Think about these things before you buy:

1.) Can the child put it back together him/herself?
2.) Does the child have room to have it out?
3.) Ask the parent what the child is really into before you buy a present.
4.) Consider getting an outside or pool toy instead.


These where the clients attempts at storage before.  We got rid of all of them (stored them in the garage for something else) and opted for our new streamlined storage from Ikea and Target.  The boxes were the things to go to the garage sale or donate.

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