Saturday, September 21, 2013

Master closet

This master closet transformation took several hours.  It was a multi-step process that entailed trying on clothes, buying a new double rod and moving everything around.  At least 6 bags to Goodwill and $130 made at the consignment store now the female side of this closet is complete!

BEFORE shoes were hidden under clothes and hard to find.

AFTER we added a new shoe organizer up top and a double rod from container store.

BEFORE (sorry I guess I didn't take a good" before" shot all the way to the ceiling)


Home office transformation

This office was so fun to do! My client doesn't have an actual study, so instead of her mom desk being out for everyone to see we moved it to an old storage and game closet in the family's den. Now Mom feels like she can work and still be in the room with the rest of the family watching TV or playing a game. 

office space BEFORE

closet space BEFORE



This is my favorite way to get desks organized.  Putting the files this direction helps for speedy filing and quick access to find things.

This hanging pocket is a great way to see things at a glance.