An Organized life....

How'd she do that??

Oh friends I know you have been missing all my "before/after" photos of organizing!  ;)  Well while I have been working with tons of fun families (with no time to post pics), I have also been working on myself.  I have lost almost 60 lbs and 56 inches since January! So I have been a little too overwhelmed to blog.  
But SHE'S BACK folks!  I feel like I have something more to share with people than just my organizing of closets and playrooms.  I have been on a "ME" journey since January and I now feel like I can help someone else feel as good as I do.   

I personally feel that if you are not organized, you will fail at whatever it is that you are doing.  I know it's harsh to say that, but it's true.  That applies so much when it comes to diet and/or exercise too.  If you are embarking on a new diet/food makeover/exercise program then you HAVE to be organized.  Let me give you some tips of my own:

  1. If you are going to go to the store, Please take a list FOLKS!!!  My gosh you will be so annoyed when you get home and you have forgotten a main ingredient to a recipe....Heeeellllooo people!  
  2. I know it's OCD, but I always (99.5% of the time) clean and wipe out the fridge BEFORE I go.  Do yourself a favor and don't come home with your loads of groceries and have to go throwing old leftovers away before you can even start.
  3. When you get home with your fresh vegetables please take the time to cut them up!  If you don't prepare your "good for you" snacks then you will NOT eat them and neither will your kids.
  4. When is the last time you checked dates on the stuff in your fridge or pantry?  DO IT NOW!
  5. It is time to start eating healthier folks.  Whatever that means for you, Vegan, Paleo, Clean eating, more fruits and veggies, etc. JUST START DOING IT! 
  6. Be consistent.  That means try to get into a routine with your diet/exercise.  And do it on a regular basis.  Ex: I wake up every morning (again 99.5% of the time ;)) before my kids do.  I find that if I don't get those 10 minutes with the news and my coffee (by myself without kids to wait on) I am no good to anyone.  I was recently helping one of my favorite "2 working parent families" get ready for a summer schedule, and the one thing I stressed to them was to get up a few minutes earlier.  Try it and I DOUBLE DOG DARE  you to tell me it doesn't help tremendously!
  7. It's OK to be a little ADD with your housework.  And what I mean by this is start the laundry (set the obnoxious timer on the washer/dryer), then go and clean an area of the house and when it goes off STOP what you are doing and go switch out the laundry.  YOU WILL NEVER get done if you don't do this!  Or in a perfect world, the house is perfectly clean and kids are quietly playing/reading/watching a movie, so you can read your book while waiting for the laundry.....keep dreaming sista!
  8. I have a friend who doesn't let herself shower til she works out.  So every morning she treats it like most people treat brushing your teeth.  Whatever works for you FIND IT and don't give up til you do!
  9. Being organized means being one step ahead.  For healthy eating that means pack snacks and drinks for you and your kids before you leave the house.  My kids are constantly eating!  So I always have something in my GIANT purse (which people give me a hard time for until they need something from it..:)) for me and my kids.  
  10. YOU CAN DO IT!  Everyone can be organized, it just takes a little practice!
With summer upon us, let me help you and your family get organized.  Just call/email me and we will get you started on AN ORGANIZED LIFE!

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