Friday, August 30, 2013

Organized Style by Kari FAN project!

Wow my FAVORITE thing to hear is "YOU INSPIRED ME to do _____!"  I love love love it!  Some people just need a little encouragement and visuals to get their creative juices flowing.  I was contacted by my 2nd grade Teacher.....yes you heard it right MY 2nd grade Teacher who was following my Facebook page and said her and her husband were finally going to get their garage organized after 40 years!  Now being a Teacher she is naturally organized, but getting the hubby on board was the final piece to the puzzle.  She sent me this photo to let me know that I INSPIRED THEM!  Imagine that, the STUDENT finally gets to inspire the Teacher! 

 Join me in saying....JOB WELL DONE Mrs. Reynolds!!

It is stories like this that keep me motivated to keep doing what I do.

What will you get ORGANIZED today??

Sunday, August 18, 2013

One hardworking closet!

Do you have a hardworking closet like this one?  One that needs to be so many things?  This closet needed to be a linen closet, a scrapbook supply closet, an overflow of toiletries closet, a medicine cabinet, kids artwork closet, and art supplies closet.  Even though you are short on space it is possible to make a small closet work!

 The medicines are separated by adult, children, and first aide.  Sheet sets are folded inside it's matching pillow case to save room and keep from falling all over the place.  Shelves within the shelf help make room for easy access and stacking.

I love using these art portfolios for my kids large artwork year after year.  The clear and green bins you see house markers, crayons, pencils/pens, and craft supplies.  One type for each bin.  That way when my boys have homework after school they grab the appropriate bin and take it to the table to work.  Afterwards it gets put back in its spot.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Organized School Lunches and After School Snacks

 7 Tips for making lunches smooth sailing in the mornings:

 1.) Designate a drawer in the freezer for all the ice packs for lunches.

 2.) Create a spot in the fridge for all lunch supplies ( ie: bread, turkey, cheese, yogurt, hummus, etc.).

 3.) Concoct a cold pasta, chicken salad, tuna salad, etc. ahead for the week.

 4.) If you use a lunch divider like my favorite, laptop lunchbox ( make sure    you buy 2 so one is always clean.

 5.) Have a clear bin in the pantry to house all the lunch snacks and treats for easy access.

6.) Talk to your kids about what is an appropriate snack to eat after school.   Then have them at kid level in the pantry or fridge for easy access.

 7.) MOST IMPORTANT TIP: get up at least 10 minutes earlier to allow time for your cup of coffee before starting the crazy job of making lunches and getting kids out the door!

Budget friendly changes:

 Take a Costco or family size chip/cracker bag and portion out into snack size ziplocs for the month as opposed to pre-packaged chips.

Buy bags of carrots wash/slice yourself and separate into snack size ziplocs instead of pre-packaged carrots.

Instead of packaged drink boxes, use a reusable thermos with water, juice, crystal light, etc.

Happy Lunch Making!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hall Toy Closet

Hall Toy Closet Make-over! 

This project took no time at all from start to finish.  We took everything out to the kitchen table for a staging area.  Sorted through each toy and decided whether it was still age appropriate for her kids.  Then sorted pieces to each game together (ex: block game, play tools, army guys) and put them in see through containers at the boys eye level.  We still needed the top couple of shelves for mom's linens, photo storage, etc.  This mom was already pretty organized with boxes so it was really a matter of tweaking and putting all like things together.