Friday, August 30, 2013

Organized Style by Kari FAN project!

Wow my FAVORITE thing to hear is "YOU INSPIRED ME to do _____!"  I love love love it!  Some people just need a little encouragement and visuals to get their creative juices flowing.  I was contacted by my 2nd grade Teacher.....yes you heard it right MY 2nd grade Teacher who was following my Facebook page and said her and her husband were finally going to get their garage organized after 40 years!  Now being a Teacher she is naturally organized, but getting the hubby on board was the final piece to the puzzle.  She sent me this photo to let me know that I INSPIRED THEM!  Imagine that, the STUDENT finally gets to inspire the Teacher! 

 Join me in saying....JOB WELL DONE Mrs. Reynolds!!

It is stories like this that keep me motivated to keep doing what I do.

What will you get ORGANIZED today??

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