"Kari just has the knack for getting things done.  I had been working from home full-time for about six months when I realized I was spending more time working at my kitchen table than my dedicated home office.  (If you had seen the state of the office space, you would understand why!)  In four hours, we cleaned, streamlined and organized and now my office is a place where I want to spend time and get work done.  I consider the time and money I spend with Kari as an investment in productivity and peace of mind."
~Jeanne C. Austin, TX

When I asked my client to tell me in a few words how she felt about her pantry re-do she said,
 "I feel cleansed and refreshed.  It has impacted the whole family in such a positive way!"
~Becky S.  Austin, TX

"My wife, Kara, was always messing around with our house and could never get it the way she wanted.  I honestly thought she was wasting a lot of time.  After Kari came, everything seemed to come together and we were able to better run our household.  I even asked her to help me with my home office and it was so much help.  She realized I was a very visual person and helped work around that.  She was so helpful at our house, we hired her to reorganize our office at our business.  Kari has a great way of looking at things and always figuring out a better way to do something!  I am very grateful for Kari's help."
 ~Clint Howard
 Owner at Tulsa Fitness Systems 
Tulsa, OK

"Kari totally changed our family life for the better!  I always knew she had a great eye for home style, so I asked her if she would help me do something with the top of my cabinets because I was at a loss!  She not only redid the kitchen cabinets and I loved it, she nicely mentioned what is going on with the rest of the house??  So over the next year she helped me tremendously by coming to Tulsa s couple times and talking over the phone to help me organize my whole house so we could run more efficiently.  I had hired other organizers and decorators before and none of them had the natural talent that Kari does."
~ Kara H. Tulsa, OK

   A simple thank you is not enough for changing my life to unorganized, stressful, drowning chaos to fun organized chaos!  I can't tell you how much it has changed not just my outlook on life, but my family's as well.  The task seemed so daunting to me in the beginning, I couldn't see the forest through the trees!  But when I let you take control of some of the decision making that I could not wrap my brain around, the results started showing almost instantly.  As a full time working mom with three kids under the age of seven, every week day is filled with mostly work, coming straight home to make dinner, getting kids ready for bed, fitting some kind of family one on one time in, back to the computer for the end of the day follow-up work, and no steam left, off to bed we go.  My husband and I, no matter how hard we tried, could not keep up with staying organized.  Whether it was the laundry room, the kids school art/projects, keeping the playroom picked up, our office, and the kids and my closets....there were just not enough hours in the day.  I realized life was passing us by.  After making the decision to bring in reinforcements, you walked us through where we should start to make the most impact on our daily lives.  And one by one, we tackled each project.  The great thing about it was you kept me focused, you worked within our budget, and you came up with a maintenance plan that best fit our lifestyle!  You truly customized an organization plan just for my family!  This is where you shine Kari.....you KNOW your clients, and you know that every client has different needs based on their lifestyle.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

~Kelly C. Austin, TX.

"When I called Kari, I had been talking about how I needed to "de-clutter" for at least three years.  I always planned to do it myself and somehow just never found the time or motivation.  Kari came in and just got down to work.  She has a unique skill of assessing the situation, my needs and the best fit for the room and I am hooked.  So far, we've finished the kitchen, the pantry, and my home office.  The master bedroom and the dreaded toy room (all those Legos!) are next and I can't wait until we tackle those.  Kari keeps me focused and honest so I don't get mired down like I would on my own.  I can recommend her without reservation- she makes miracles happen!
~Jeanne C.  Austin, TX

"Kari is an upbeat, organized, inspiring, and incredible person to help get anyone organized!  She knew exactly what to do to bring order to our chaos.  I'd recommend Kari to anyone.

                                                                                                                          ~Lindsey S. Austin, TX.

"So here I am, a 42 year old, home schooling, mother of two, who has zero fashion sense. And I meet the "Fairy God Mother" of perfection, in every way, Mrs. Kari Coons!
I will admit that I am a very organized person as far as my kitchen and bathrooms go. But when it comes down to "style" I missed that class ;)
Luckily, I found Kari. She told me that aside from organizing she is also a personal shopper! I absolutely hate clothes shopping and I clearly have bad taste so I hired Kari for a half day to dress me up!  We hit a total of four stores, stayed within my budget, and I went home with multiple outfits including shoes! I have to admit that having her eye and ENERGY made the shopping experience a lot of fun! Kari was extremely knowledgeable in body shapes, colors, lengths, multi use items and accessories. She literally turned my frumpy wardrobe into a fabulous one!
I plan to hire Kari again to be my 12 year old daughter's  personal shopper. Because according to my "Tween" I am clueless when it comes down to what's "cool".
Whether you need flare in your casual wardrobe or need something special for an occasion, call Kari! You will feel and look like a million bucks!
Thanks again Kari! You truly are gifted in what you do!!!"

~ Kim I. Austin, TX.

"Kari has been a great friend of mine since our kids were together in Kindergarten!  I am a full time Interior Designer and mom.  I have no problem having more than enough ideas about how to make a room look great, but when it comes to organizing my own life behind the scenes, closets, cabinets, I lack the time and motivation.  Kari came in and re-organized our master bedroom closet and kitchen cabinets and did a great job!  She even did the shopping for me, which was great.  I shop all the time for other people's homes, but knowing where to to go find organizational tools is not in my wheelhouse, so I was more than happy to hand it over to Kari.  She really does have great knowledge and ideas of how to organize your "stuff" and where to buy the tools to make it happen.  I would definitely work with Kari again and recommend her to my clients that need help organizing their life."

    ~  Karen Ice-Burris - Designer

 Ice Interior Design
Allied Member ASID
Austin, TX.

"Our experience with Kari was wonderful when she did our home office.  My husband needed it to be manly and he had his set ideas, I needed it to flow as another room in the house with our decor.  Kari was able to incorporate both our needs and wants and we are both extremely pleased with the result.  I highly recommend her!"                                                 
~Kara K. Austin, TX.

"Kari did more than make our closet look great. She helped us achieve something we had trouble doing on our own. We loved the results so much that we had her organize more rooms. Kari is great at what she does and she is fun to work with." 
~Tracey K Austin, TX

"Kari, I want to thank you for organizing my family’s life! What a difference you have made. Cleaning up for the kids is so much easier now that everything has a place to go! No more spending hours digging through drawers looking for things. Everything is so easy to find! You are the best!"

~Christy C. Austin, TX

"Kari saved my pantry and rescued us from kitchen chaos!! My family can find what they need in the pantry and know where to put things away when they are done. Kari is full of great & efficient ideas for organizing any space! I love the ENERGY, PASSION, and DETAIL that she puts into EVERY job she commits to! Thank you Kari for making my life more manageable!"

~ Michelle E. Austin, TX

"Kari with Organized Style by Kari literally saved my life (or should I say marriage?!) with her amazing organizing skills. 

Previously, my husband seemed to have his things in every room of the house...from office furniture & supplies, workout gear, musical instruments, etc.  Kari helped us design a space that was just for him by helping us design an Elfa closet system for all of his office supplies and workout gear.  Now it's all in one place and everyone loves the new organized space!  

She is thoughtful, creative, and well....ORGANIZED!  She can literally create ART out of CHAOS and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for help to declutter your life!"
~  Jen  S. Austin, TX

"I was given a gift from my best friend for a consultation and two hours with Kari.  Wow! This was the BEST gift ever!  I was blessed to have an awesome laundry room/office, but in the five years I have lived in my house it was nothing more than a room full of "clutter".  Kari came in and changed my life. I learned a more efficient way to use my laundry space and to do laundry!  I now have a beautiful office and gift wrapping area.  The best part is that I don't want to stop in just this room.  With her tips, feedback, and support I find myself organizing other areas of my house thinking "Kari would be impressed with what I've done!"  Even after she is done you can always contact Kari with your ideas and she will give you continued support and feedback.  Kari was such a blessing to me and my family and I can't wait for her to come back to town so I can use her again.
~ Samantha W. Tulsa, OK.