Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pool House decor project

This project in Tulsa, OK was especially fun for me.  It is a relative of mine with a beautiful new home and bonus pool house.  Their family loves the beach and wanted a little piece of it with them at all times.  This brand new space needed a little warming up so with some shopping in Austin, TX., excellent packing skills (if I do say so myself), and a plane ride I was able to take care of it!  I had a blast searching for beachy stuff out of season, I love a challenge!


AFTER close-up

After close-up

Home office in TULSA

This project was one of my clients in Tulsa, Ok.  A home office in need of a little organization and furniture rearranging.  This project took about 5 hours and a little computer tech work from a self-confessed non-techy!  So proud of myself!  We moved the desk and file hutch to a better direction for easier flow going into the room.  This client was ready to get rid of binders and papers from previous projects that were cluttering up the office cabinets.  We moved them to a labelled box in the attic in case they needed to refer back to them.  Something I always tell my clients when I am in the process of taking EVERYTHING out to clean is that if it doesn't have a purpose right now then find a new place for it (ex: attic shelf or garage shelf).  Don't let old projects and papers clutter your mind and office in your newly organized space!  I also want to point out that I left the client with a large box of papers to go through.  I do that so my client doesn't feel overwhelmed at the time we are halfway through the mess.  I give them a pile to sort through, on their time, in a nice clean spot.  I find it is best after I have made a "home" for all the papers to go to (ex: labelled file folders) then they are less likely to bring something in that doesn't belong.  



Box of papers to go through.

I know this picture is blurry, but I wanted to point out this desk organizer I used.  It's from Office Max and it is so simple, but so effective.  

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decor

Hello Friends!  It is time to decorate for the holidays.  Have you opened the same boxes year after year and said "oh I really don't like that _____ anymore" and put it back in the box?  STOP!  This year as you are opening each box of Holiday decor try to make a point of getting rid of what you don't use this season.  It might be time to freshen up the decorations.  Head to your nearest Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge to get some inexpensive replacements.  Goodwill always accepts donations! 

Or what my family is going to do is take all the solid bulbs I don't like anymore (my purple ones....I went through a purple phase ;)) and any extra stuff I find,  to go decorate one of our trees on HWY 360 here in Austin.  I love this city and their quirky traditions like decorating big evergreen trees along side the road!  

Now, when you put your decor back, there are a few ways you can try to stay organized in the attic or garage:

1.  Put all (Christmas/Hanukkah/winter) decor all in the same color plastic totes.

2.  Label all totes (whatever holiday first) then what is in it.  Ex: Christmas-ornaments.
3.  Put them all in the same area.
4.  Wreaths in actual wreath boxes.  You paid good money for that wreath, store it correctly!
5.  Don't forget to store all candles in the house in a box marked holiday candles!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Garage photos

See below post for details!





Friday, November 23, 2012

  Happy Black Friday!  Instead of spending all the holiday weekend shopping and eating, have you thought about ORGANIZING?  Before the upcoming Christmas holiday it's the perfect time to CLEAN- OUT kid's rooms, garages, and closets to prepare to bring more stuff in.  At our house there was a major garage clean-out and Goodwill run on Wednesday (before/after photos to come).  Against my husband's will, we took almost every single thing out.  Then swept, evaluated and ORGANIZED before it was brought back in.  Our kids have a ton of outdoor toys and some had seen better days.

  When you are thinking about what to get your kids for Christmas look around and see what they have first and maybe their favorite outdoor toy just needs to be upgraded.  And when you are thinking about what to get your spouse, maybe you should give the gift of ORGANIZATION!  Do we always need more stuff?  Have you ever felt the feeling of cleaning out and feeling organized?  If you haven't you might be surprised that it actually feels better than getting something brand new.  HAPPY ORGANIZING! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hall Closet

This project is a hall "catch all" closet that my client wanted to make into a wrapping and craft storage space.  I took everything out and sorted all the gift bags and tissue paper into categories.  And we created a "go to" gift spot for any re-gifting or misc. gifts to grab in a hurry.  And her wrapping paper is in a new tall trash can from Container Store that works perfect for tall wrapping paper.  And I love my newly discovered Martha Stewart chalkboard labels!  Now she has all her wrapping in one fabulous spot! 





Monday, November 5, 2012


Here is what I've been up to lately:  
I have been doing some local fundraisers to help our school system.  This is my set-up for the LakePointe Carnival.  It included my school memories boxes that are for sale.  I am happy to report a huge success, that the gift certificate I donated was in a bidding war!  So glad to support our school district and meet some new people!  

Here is my set-up for the Lake Travis High School Golf Fundraiser.  So glad my gift certificate at this event also went into a bidding war!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Master Closet

It's Fall Closet clean out time for some of my clients.  This is an "AFTER" photo of her beautiful closet.  Her "BEFORE" wasn't too bad so I didn't post it and I really wanted to point out that I organized by color.  Her boots were all taken out of their boxes and propped up with magazines.  This is a much cheaper way to prop them up instead of boot holders.  Now in this clients case she had the room to put all her summer stuff in a guest closet.  We were able to go through EVERYTHING, seriously EVERY piece of clothing and what didn't fit or wasn't in style went to consignment or Goodwill. I also want to point out that all her hangers are the same.  They are all turned backwards so when she wears something and puts it back on the rack she will put it back in forwards.   This helps with at the end of the season she will make the decision to get rid of anything left turned backwards.  It is so much easier than trying to remember "did I even wear that?" I am happy to report she took 101 things to consignment and a couple bags to Goodwill!  Now she can walk in her closet and feel FABULOUS!

Fall tops/boots

(Top) heavier sweaters/(bottom) workout gear

School Spirit wear/jeans/dresses
(top) fall dress shoes 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guest Closet turned Office Closet

This project was so much fun!  I love taking a room (even if it is just a closet) and totally transforming it! We ripped out the old Builder closet shelves and put in the Elfa system from Container store.

The closet is in a guest room which is now being transformed into a home office/gym.  The home office supplies and workout gear were previously in many different areas of the house.  Now, everything has a home and a label!  And room to grow!

Wow so much bigger!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Craft Room

This project was an easy fix. My client has a beautiful craft space for her kids to create in. It just needed a little organization so when they were done creating they could clean up properly.

The containers being used weren't functional for little kids.

Kids Idea of Clean Up


The Reveal!

Now there is a bin for already done Masterpieces!

Ahhhh..organized with style!

Now the ribbon is in a divider, coloring books in a bin, and everything else has a separate labeled container to take to the table and create.

I left some things in jars to look pretty and functional.

What it looks like all closed up.  What a great craft area!

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my adventure in blogging.  I am a mother of two beautiful, energetic, and happy boys.  Second only to my family is my passion for organization.  I love all things organized and love to help you find your personal style through organization. 

Here is an example of what I mean…

                  Organized                        Organized with Style
(no this isn't the same space - but you get the idea)

Getting yourself organized and putting systems in place in your home can make a huge difference in the peace and harmony in your home.  Adding that extra style helps you want to keep the space organized.

No space is too small or insignificant, I can help you get it organized – it is my passion!