Thursday, October 18, 2012

Master Closet

It's Fall Closet clean out time for some of my clients.  This is an "AFTER" photo of her beautiful closet.  Her "BEFORE" wasn't too bad so I didn't post it and I really wanted to point out that I organized by color.  Her boots were all taken out of their boxes and propped up with magazines.  This is a much cheaper way to prop them up instead of boot holders.  Now in this clients case she had the room to put all her summer stuff in a guest closet.  We were able to go through EVERYTHING, seriously EVERY piece of clothing and what didn't fit or wasn't in style went to consignment or Goodwill. I also want to point out that all her hangers are the same.  They are all turned backwards so when she wears something and puts it back on the rack she will put it back in forwards.   This helps with at the end of the season she will make the decision to get rid of anything left turned backwards.  It is so much easier than trying to remember "did I even wear that?" I am happy to report she took 101 things to consignment and a couple bags to Goodwill!  Now she can walk in her closet and feel FABULOUS!

Fall tops/boots

(Top) heavier sweaters/(bottom) workout gear

School Spirit wear/jeans/dresses
(top) fall dress shoes 

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