Friday, November 23, 2012

  Happy Black Friday!  Instead of spending all the holiday weekend shopping and eating, have you thought about ORGANIZING?  Before the upcoming Christmas holiday it's the perfect time to CLEAN- OUT kid's rooms, garages, and closets to prepare to bring more stuff in.  At our house there was a major garage clean-out and Goodwill run on Wednesday (before/after photos to come).  Against my husband's will, we took almost every single thing out.  Then swept, evaluated and ORGANIZED before it was brought back in.  Our kids have a ton of outdoor toys and some had seen better days.

  When you are thinking about what to get your kids for Christmas look around and see what they have first and maybe their favorite outdoor toy just needs to be upgraded.  And when you are thinking about what to get your spouse, maybe you should give the gift of ORGANIZATION!  Do we always need more stuff?  Have you ever felt the feeling of cleaning out and feeling organized?  If you haven't you might be surprised that it actually feels better than getting something brand new.  HAPPY ORGANIZING! 

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