Sunday, August 18, 2013

One hardworking closet!

Do you have a hardworking closet like this one?  One that needs to be so many things?  This closet needed to be a linen closet, a scrapbook supply closet, an overflow of toiletries closet, a medicine cabinet, kids artwork closet, and art supplies closet.  Even though you are short on space it is possible to make a small closet work!

 The medicines are separated by adult, children, and first aide.  Sheet sets are folded inside it's matching pillow case to save room and keep from falling all over the place.  Shelves within the shelf help make room for easy access and stacking.

I love using these art portfolios for my kids large artwork year after year.  The clear and green bins you see house markers, crayons, pencils/pens, and craft supplies.  One type for each bin.  That way when my boys have homework after school they grab the appropriate bin and take it to the table to work.  Afterwards it gets put back in its spot.

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