Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 This Kitchen was a TOTAL re-organization project!  The flow was not working out for this family.  This house was not built with a walk-in pantry.  It did have 2 big cabinets that would work though.  This family loves to bake so they needed extra room for baking supplies.  The client also asked me to label in English and Spanish for when the kids were helping out and the cleaning ladies where putting stuff away.

This was the original food pantry and now it is the bowls/pitchers cabinet.

This was the pantry space before and as you can see held most of the bowls.

Now all the food is on one place and since I added tiered can storage and shelves everything is visible. 

Cereal is now in containers for the kids to get themselves, snack foods are within the kids reach, and pastas/rices/etc. are all grouped together.

Baking cabinet "before"

baking cabinet "after"

An example of one of the drawers.

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