Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Armoire turned Home Office

This is my own personal workspace!  I do have to share the computer with the 3 men in my life, but they stay out of my office armoire.  This space is actually an open dining room right inside the front door (so I have to keep it clean ;)) and that room was never getting used.  I needed my own office and lots of desk space so I improvised.  Do you have an old TV or dresser armoire that isn't being used anymore?

I added fun fabric to make it appealing to look at inside.  And lets be honest, it makes me happy so that's all that matters!

The top left has shelves from container store and magazine holders to hold all my envelopes, invoices, labels, etc.  Oh and please notice my large pile (above the printer) of "to be filed".  I left it full on purpose to show that even the best organizers can hate part of their duties i.e. filing!!!  The top right is my lovely card drawer.  I buy those bulk card boxes at costco and whenever I need a birthday card or wedding card I already have it!  The bottom left are 2 small bins to corral small labels and ink.  My favorite is my inspiration board!  I put things on there that make me happy to look at.  Oh and any good organizer loves her coffee table books.  I am obsessed!  Hint... hint... in case you are shopping for a present for me ;)  The bottom right are the school memories boxes that I make and sell.  And the black boxes are all our files.  Now, for any of you who don't have much space or have to share with the hubby or kids, you too can make a little office of your own!


  1. I love you office, Kari. Mine is not nearly close to how organized yours is, but I'm going to remodel and fix everything over the weekend and hopefully it turns out as good as yours. I like the organized cabinet behind you, and I believed it was placed there for convenience, because whenever you need something, all you need to do is turn around. I'll keep you posted on the progress of my office. Good day! :)

    Clayton Steadham

  2. Organizing your things in a colorful manner gave the office a very lively aura. Working here is more relaxing than working in a crowded and unorganized area. You're lucky to have some free space inside your house for your office and I bet your guests and clients enjoy visiting your place. :)